52 Wows

A Relationship Guide for Men


Relationships are the backbone of everything we do. Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse, a friend, a child, a customer, or a fellow employee, creating a Wow in someone’s life every week will enhance your life and improve your relationship with everyone you come in contact with. Mr. Akers has been doing the 52 Wows for over 30 years with customers, friends and fellow workers. He just left his family behind. The realization of this and the change that took place in his life spurned this insightful book on how men can get the most out of their relationships. Mr Akers has helped many couples that were fortunate to read the early rough drafts of this amazing book. They took the fundamentals that they learned from the book and have applied them to their own lives. The testimonials have been incredible. “I really enjoyed reading your book. It is very creative and says a lot about the person you’ve become. You are so right. It’s not money, or things that drives a great relationship, it is the little wows that are done unexpectedly. I guess that is why Joe and I are still married after 38 years.” Angie, Tampa “I was delighted at the subject you are writing about and your overall sensitivity and understanding of the huge role that thoughtfulness and consideration play in a relationship. I think your book should be a must read for all individuals getting ready for marriage or in a relationship” Jen, Tampa “You definitely need to get it on Oprah, because women will be your number one buyers. Every man will be getting this book for a gift… birthday, Christmas or just a “wow” for them.” Lorna, Tampa That being said, if just one relationship is impacted in a positive way from the writings in this book then it has fulfilled the dream Mr. Akers had when he wrote it.