Mr. Dean is as authentic as they come. His joy in life comes from teaching and coaching others to believe in themselves. He is a selfless, passionate leader who possesses boundless energy. Mr. Dean has completely reprogrammed my outlook on Sales, Customer Service, and most importantly LIFE, over the past two years. As he says, “the rules of the game never change.” If you WOW your customers, OVER deliver, LISTEN WELL, ASK QUESTIONS, remain UNIQUE in your delivery, and ALWAYS do what’s RIGHT, you will be a top-performer in whatever you choose to do. The most powerful part about Coach Dean’s RULES OF LIFE is that they apply to your personal life as well. He always reminds you what is most important in life, and it isn’t your job. Mr. Dean has taught me to truly enjoy life and make TODAY GREAT. If you focus on each day, the past and future don’t matter at all – it’s all about the PRESENT. I am just one of many who have been impacted and transformed by Coach Dean and his compassion. Thank you, Coach. Keep rockin’.

Jake Howse, CAM, CMCA
Condominium & Homeowner Associations | Consultant | Trusted Advisor

Few people have the opportunity to report to a someone who is also a coach and mentor, but I did when I worked for Dean. I had the pleasure of working for Dean when he came in as interim Adjunct CEO, and he has continued to be a mentor as I grow in my career. Dean is a true leader that listens and has the ability to empower the team to come to the table with solutions. Dean is a very keen listener, a skill that allows him to take issues, ideas, and process improvement throughout the Organization at any level.

I was always been in awe of Dean’s ability to bring the best out of people, command a room and make things simple. He inspires people and reminds them that nothing is impossible as long as you never give up. Dean is an excellent communicator, listens carefully, respects difference of opinion and ultimately builds lasting relationships with those around him. He builds self-confidence in his team by engaging with them asking for their input on strategic matters before making decisions.

Jill Chait
Senior Vice President Operations at FastMed Urgent Care

Dean has unique ability to quickly dissect what makes any business tick, what is holding it back, and formulate simple steps to accelerate growth. He makes simple what seems complicated to those mired in the details. Dean has the ability to connect and build a relationship with anyone. He sincerely cares about helping those around him and his energy is extremely contagious. Someone I feel fortunate to call a friend and business mentor.

I feel honored to have worked for Dean. He is clearly the most balance, fun, talented, inspirational leader I have ever met. He is an asset to any company, and a great person to work with with and for. Once you meet Dean, you are connected for life.

Randy Wadle
Senior Vice President at PrismHR

Dean is a true professional, knowledgeable business executive that understands people do business with people. Dean taught me how to read and understand people and what’s most important to them. There is no doubt my success in sales was influenced by Dean’s teachings.

Rick Carter
Major Account Manager at DEX Imaging

Dean is very capable of honing in on the key issues and determining the right direction for a business.

Rob Hoover
CEO at Carino Holdings, LLC

Mr. Akers is a very dynamic business professional and Author. He is my business inspiration.

Valansiar Key
Soteria Enterprise, Inc.

Dean is the “Dean” of Business and Personal Success. Dean’s leadership as CEO of AirHeads Trampoline Arena has transformed our culture and our results. We continue to beat same store sales due to Dean’s coaching and implementing strategic initiatives that provide value to our guests and a lift to our sales. He is an empowering and inspiring leader who has mentored the leadership team and I to new levels of peak performance.
What makes Dean so uniquely qualified as a CEO and Coach is how he has helped turn around and scale companies in a wide variety of industries from Construction to Tires to Family Entertainment.

Richard Heruska
Interim Accelerator Director of Tampa Bay Wave

Dean has an extraordinary ability to plan a business strategy as well as implement it with the power and confidence of a motivational speaker.

He does this with a personal approach, understanding and respect for all stakeholders.
This is probably why he describes all businesses as essentially being the same. Simply because all business involves planning and people. He is even able to have some fun in the process!

Daniel Rothenberg
Accountant at Rothenberg Accounting

Dean facilitates the CEO Council roundtable I joined after taking over the family business, and his leadership, advice and uncommon insight proved seven-digit valuable as he helped me navigate an unsolicited offer from a strategic industry partner to acquire our company. Dean has impressed me with his uncanny ability to reduce complex business issues into their actionable essence. He understands how to balance big picture strategy with the necessity to drive for back-to-the-basics tactical execution, and is a champion of promoting and demanding one’s true value from the market with no apologies.

Andrew Schultz, Jr.
Director of Business Development and Clinical Services at Midmark Animal Health

Dean on a personal level is one of the most down to earth, laid back, gentleman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. On a professional level, Dean is one of the best logistical problems solvers I know. He is that person who looks at every angle before making a decision. His due diligence and ability to execute puts him at the top of a very small list of doers who achieve positive results time and time again.

RJ Garbowicz
CEO @ Webtalk.co The Relationship Management Network

Dean is a saavy entrepreneur who has won “Bootstrapper of the Year” from the Council of Growing Companies, an honor not to be taken lightly. As a speaker, we call him “Reverend Dean,” because of his ability to whip motivation and enthusiasm into a group. He is passionate about EVERYTHING he does and his “can-do” spirit is infectious. As a marketing strategist, I’ve found him to be unparalleled in level-headed advice and tactics. His follow-through is amazing… If he says he’s going to do something, he does it. When he takes on a commitment, he holds it in great integrity and doesn’t stop until it is accomplished. When he’s wrong, he not only admits it, he writes (wrote) a book about it to help others not make the same mistakes!
As the Chairman of the CEO Council, he was a strong proponent of always bettering himself and others. He shared his experiences good and bad with humor and conviction. He was, and still is, a thoughtful but driving force for moving the organization forward. Personally, he’s just a fun guy, funny and very easy to be around.
I don’t think I’ve ever said this directly to him (but I am now, publicly), Dean is one of my favorite people on the whole planet. JT

Jane Toombs

Dean is a motivator and an inspirational business and personal friend. I value our connection and would recommend him to any endeavor he aspires to!

Sharon Stewart
Director at Restaurant Support Services

Dean Akers is easily one of the smartest, kindest and most knowledgeable people that I have ever met. He is a genius at building a company’s reputation and value. His reputation as a professional is stellar and as an author, public speaker and a humanitarian, few people can come close. I highly recommend Dean and Ideal Image.

Jacqueline Knight
Wordsmith/Editor, Web Designer, Master Marketer, Business Consultant/Coach. Lover of The Arts of Language and Business

I help improve your business & increase profits through innovative performance consulting, coaching & training. Dean’s an amazing guy. the Council for Growing Companies (sponsored by Inc. Magazine among others) once awarded Dean the Bootstrapper of the year because of his creative use of personal credit cards to finance his start-up company. Dean’s a motivator, a leader, and a solid by-the-numbers manager too! IF you’re considering partnering with anyone Dean’s a straightarrow who’ll tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. As much as I admire his business acumen, I appreciate his friendship more.

Rod Jurado, CPT

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